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The Final Edition

Intern: What are you going to do now that Karlie Kloss is over and done with?
Anna Wintour: I'm going to buy a new pair of sunnies.
Intern: OK.


Volume XI

Intern: Why aren't there any hand markings in this edition?
Andre Leon Talley: Girl, don't even go there.
Intern: OK, I'm just glad that I can still read it.
Andre Leon Talley: Yes, you are. Now fetch me my cape.

The Next Day:

Intern: Oh, now there's hand markings. How did that happen?
Andre Leon Talley: Honey, go away.


Volume X

Lindsay Lohan: I shouldn't have to go to court or possibly jail. I was in Georgia Rules. I am beyond human laws.
Shawn Chapman Holley: I'm with you, girl; 110 percent.
Lindsay Lohan: Yeah.... at least Karlie Kloss understands me.
Shawn Chapman Holley: Word.


Volume IX

Diana Vreeland: Hello?
Edie Sedgwick: Darling...
Diana Vreeland: Edie...
Edie Sedgwick: I'm at the bottom of a swimming pool in California.
Diana Vreeland: That sounds bad. Are you at least reading the newest edition of Karlie Kloss?
Edie Sedgwick: Yes.
Diana Vreeland: So am I. But in my Vogue offices, of course.